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Sea Level Rise Strategy
What is Charleston's Sea Level Rise Strategy?
Flooding and sea level rise are challenges the City of Charleston has taken seriously for centuries. However, Charleston is experiencing the flooding more frequently than ever. In the 1970s, Charleston experienced an average of 2 days of tidal flooding per year and it is projected that the City could experience 180 days of tidal flooding in 2045. Identifying initiatives that will improve our ability to withstand these effects is timely.

The recommendations found in the Sea Level Rise Strategy provide a planning projection for accommodating sea level rise within the next fifty years and a process for updating these recommendations as the scientific projections are refined and in more agreement.  Initiatives are also identified to ensure that Charleston anticipates and puts into place actions to reinvest, to be ready and to respond rapidly to the challenges of sea level rise. Many of the initiatives identified are already underway and will be accomplished within the next two years. Others need to be evaluated and prioritized over the coming years and funded over the coming decades.  

The Strategy recommends planning for 1.5 to 2.5 feet of sea level rise over the next fifty years in addition to many other strategies.  As scientists' projections for sea level rise change, the City will review its planning projections. Click here to see the viewer depicting this change in .5 foot increments for the Charleston Metro area.

An Update to the Sea Level Rise Strategy

Implementing the City of Charleston's adopted Sea Level Rise Strategy is work in progress.  Of the 76 items recommended, many are underway to some degree.  Click here to learn more.