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Charleston Police Data Initiative
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As a participant in the White House Police Data Initiative (PDI), created under President Obama, the City of Charleston and the Charleston Police Department are committed to making data related to policing activities publicly available.  The City of Charleston currently provides raw data on calls for service (911) and electronic citations.  Additionally available in PDF format are weekly Compstat reports and monthly reports on officer use of force and investigations conducted as a result of citizen complaints.

Calls for Service and Officer Initiated Calls
Datasets of calls for service and officer initiated calls. Downloads are available in CSV, KML, or Esri Shapefile format. API links are also available in GeoJSON or GeoService format.

Electronic Citations
Information on citations issued by the Charleston Police Department from January 1st of the current year. Only records that properly geocode (have x,y coordinates) and that were issued electronically (no paper citations) are included. This dataset is updated nightly to reflect YTD citations.

Compstat Weekly Reports
The Compstat process begins with the collection, analysis and mapping of accurate and timely crime information. Crime in each Team is broken down by type, location, and time of occurrence. This statistical information is then used as the foundation for weekly meetings where the Chief of Police and his senior staff plan and coordinate the Department’s strategies to address crime. Click here for more information.

Citizen-Generated Closed Investigations
The Charleston Police Department thoroughly documents all complaints generated externally by citizens involving its employees. Monthly data on the completed citizen-generated investigations can be found here.

Response to Resistance/Aggression
The Charleston Police Department thoroughly documents all incidents where any type of force is used by one of our law enforcement officers. Essentially, a use of force report is to be completed any time an officer engages in uses of hands-on or greater physical force to seize, control, or repel any individual that demonstrates non-compliant behavior or is perceived by the officer to otherwise pose a threat or harm to him or others. Monthly data on the Response to Resistance/Aggression utilized by the Charleston Police Department can be found here.

Please visit the City of Charleston open data portal home for data sets on many other non-Law Enforcement related information.