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The Numbers
Since its start in the spring of 2012 the 10,000 Trees for Charleston volunteer commission has raised support for the planting of new trees. The total number of trees planted throughout Charleston since the kick off of the planting initiative is 7,647

The goal of 10,000 new Trees was indeed lofty. There are several factors contribute to the final tree count:
1) Trees planted through funding and donations to the 10,000 Trees for Charleston program
2) Trees planted by the City through the urban forestry division, Capital projects, and contracted plantings along streets
3) Trees planted on private property through City zoning ordinances or by individuals simply looking to beautify their area.

All of these factors are used to establish the number of trees planted since 2012.

Have you planted a tree on your property?

Did you know it can count towards our goal of 10,000 new trees? If you planted a tree any time after January 2012 let us know!