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My City Is NOT Your Ashtray
No Butts about it, cigarettes are litter.

Do you see people toss cigarette litter out their car window?
Take action! Report it or call 877-754-8837. 

Myth about cigarette butts:
"They are harmless and quickly decompose."
"It's not litter."
"I don't see an ashtray/trashcan, so it's okay to throw it on the ground."
"Cigarette butts are tiny, so they won't make a big impact."
"I don't want it smelling up my car, so tossing it out my window is O.K."
"There are already some on the ground. A few more won't hurt."

Facts about cigarette butts:?
Dropping cigarette butts on the ground is littering and it is illegal. 
Cigarettes are the most littered item in the Nation! 
Cigarette litter represents over 20% of all litter collected in community cleanup initiatives in the U.S. 
Cigarette filters are mostly cellulose acetate (plastic), and they stay in the environment for years!

Here are ways you can help:

1) Encourage smokers to use public, portable and pocket ashtrays. Keep Charleston Beautiful provides pocket ashtrays to interested members of the community. Locate proper disposal options before you light.

2) Let people know you care. You can report car based litter violations to 1-877-7LITTER (754-8837), a litter hotline supported by PalmettoPride. You can also get a FREE bumper sticker from Keep Charleston Beautiful to spread the message that your city is NOT an ashtray. 

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