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Pick Up After Your Pet
Pet waste is litter.
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The Dirty Facts:
Pet litter is full of bacteria, parasites and other harmful organisms. Improperly disposed of pet waste washes into local water systems impacting us all. Please pick up after your pet, it's the law.

The City of Charleston Environmental Control Ordinance, Sec.14-2(f) states:
"It shall be unlawful for any owner, keeper or walker of any dog or cat to permit his or her dog or cat to discharge its excreta . . . unless such owner, keeper or walker immediately thereafter re-moves said animal’s excreta from the public or private property in question."  

Sponsor A Pet Waste Station!
To help reduce pet waste in City parks, Keep Charleston Beautiful and the Department of Parks provide dog waste removal bags for public use. If a dispenser is empty, please find alternate means to dispose of your pet’s waste. You can support this program and other litter prevention efforts by sponsoring an existing bag dispenser for a yearly rate of $200. To sponsor a dog bag dispenser please contact our office, 843-579-7501.

The Pick Up After Your Pet program provides over 500,000 dog waste bags to the community each year. Waste bags are provided as funding and support are available. 

Check out our current Dog Bag Dispenser Locations!
Or become a sponsor - Sponsor Form


How you can help:
  • If you observe a violation of this ordinance please call 577-7434 and inform Animal Control
  • Encourage pet owners to pickup after their pets
  • Remove & properly dispose of your pet's waste 
  • Sponsor a dog bag dispenser ($200)
  • Purchase a sign to raise awareness (Brooks Signs - $45)
A big thank you to our current sponsors:    
  • City of Charleston's Department of Parks
  • Lost Dog Café
  • David Levite
  • Paul Christensen
  • The Adair Family
  • The Hoffius Family
  • Mary Ann Miller
  • HLA, Inc.
  • Creative General Dentistry
  • Theresa Lubbers 
  • Charleston Veterinary Care
  • Charleston Veterinary Referral Center
  • Westside Neighborhood Association
  • Heidi Herman
  • Charleston Soil and Water Conservation District
  • Brynn Hardman
  • Barbara Hearst
  • Mosquito Squad
  • Edward Evans
  • The Recovery Room
  • Matt Pommer
  • Boom Town
  • Sherry Cox
  • Karen Swails
  • Justin Ferira
  • Holly Hach
  • Heathwood/ Old Towne Neighborhood Association
  • Caroline One Real Estate