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Finding Aids for Historical Records

The Records Center for the City of Charleston is in the process of creating finding aids for many of its historical records. Below are a few of the finding aids which have been completed. To view any of the City's historical records contact Meg Moughan, Records Manager, at 724-7301 or Rebecca Schultz, Records Specialist, at 724-7302 to make an appointment. 


                                                      Mayoral Papers
                                            J. Adger Smyth Mayoral Papers, 1896-1903
                                            R. Goodwyn Rhett Mayoral Papers, 1903-1911
                                            John P. Grace Mayoral Papers, 1911-1923
                                            Tristram T. Hyde Mayoral Papers, 1906-1911
                                            Thomas P. Stoney Mayoral Papers, 1921-1931

                                            Burnet R. Maybank Mayoral Papers, 1931-1986

                                            Henry W. Lockwood Mayoral Papers, 1938-1944

                                            E. Edward Wehman, Jr., Mayoral Papers, 1944-1947
                                            William McG Morrison Mayoral Papers, 1948-1959

                                            Arthur B. Schirmer, Jr., Mayoral Papers, 1975

                                            J. Palmer Gaillard, Jr., Mayoral Papers, 1935-1978

    Joseph P. Riley, Jr., Mayoral Papers, 1975-2015
      (In Process)

                                                        City Records

                                           Engineering Scrolls Collection, 1900-1950

                                           Plans and Studies, 1895-2009
                                           Public Service Files, 1964-1983
                                           City Incinerator Records, 1916-1956

                                           City of Charleston Engineering Records, 1867-1979

                                           Records of the Surveyors of the City of Charleston 1817-1916 

                                           City of Charleston Pamphlets Collection, 1782-1991           

                                           Records of the City of Charleston Fire Department, 1848-1979

   City of Charleston Grant Files, 1947-2004