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2019 US Kids Golf After School Clinic Series
US Kids Golf After School Clinic Series

After School Clinic Series for Juniors  is a series of (five) 90 minute clinics meeting over 5 consecutive weeks designed to get you through levels one, two or three of the US Kids Golf Learning Program.  

Organization The Learning Program is a ready-made and proven curriculum that features three levels of instruction booklets. In each of the three levels, players learn five core skills: Putting, Around the Green, Full Swing, Knowledge, and Scoring.

Milestones When a young player passes a skills challenge, he or she celebrates the accomplishment with an achievement pin. The Learning Program Scoreboard is a showcase of a player’s achievement pins and progress, and players who Master all three levels will be celebrated on the U.S. Kids Golf website.

Communication The booklets, achievement pins, and Learning Scoreboard work in unison and help coaches maintain ongoing communication with the players’ parents.

  Weekly Instruction will include:

  •  Week 1  Introduction and Putting Fundamentals
  •  Week 2  -  Around the Green
  •  Week 3  _  Full Swing
  •  Week 4  -  Knowledge
  •  Week 5  -  Playing the Course

Please visit to find out more about the US Kids Golf Learning Program.

Classes are $80.  

SPRING Sessions - -REGISTRATION FOR ALL SPRING SESSIONS STARTS NOVEMEBER 1, 2018.  Limited to 8 participants, registration closes on the Friday before the start of each session. 

CLICK On a session to download registration/information form.

Ages 6-9

Tuesdays            February 12th - March 12th         4:30-6:00PM        Ages 6-9

Wednesdays       February 13th - March 13th         4:30-6:00PM        Ages 6-9

Tuesdays           April 2nd - April 30th                   4:30-6:00PM        Ages 6-9

Wednesdays       April 3rd - May 1st                      4:30-6:00PM        Ages 6-9

Tuesdays           May 7th - June 4th                     4:30-6:00PM        Ages 6-9

Wednesdays       May 8th - June 5th                     4:30-6:00PM        Ages 6-9

Ages 9-13

Thursdays          February 14th - March 14th        4:30-6:00PM      Ages 9-13

Thursdays          April 4th - May 2nd                    4:30-6:00PM      Ages 9-13

Thursdays          May 9th - June 6th                    4:30-6:00PM      Ages 9-13

Advanced After School Clinic Series
Same US Kids Program as above designed to get you through levels 4 and 5 of the Learning Program.  You must have passed levels 1-3 of the Program to register.  A participant  with golf experience and a minimum age of 13 can get an override into the program. It is recommended to try US Kids Levels 1-3 classes first.  

CLICK On a session to download registration/information form

Advanced Player

Mondays         February 11th - March 11th       4:30-6:00PM        Qualified Only

Mondays         May 6th - June 3rd                   4:30-6:00PM        Qualified Only