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The Fire Marshal Division is under the direction of the Chief Fire Code Official or Fire Marshal, and is comprised of deputy fire marshals, assistant fire marshals, and administrative specialists. 

The former Fire Inspection Office, previously under the direction of the Building Inspection Division, was restructured and transitioned to the Charleston Fire Department in June, 2010. The scope of the office was expanded to include: 

  • Fire code enforcement
  • Fire plan review
  • New construction inspections
  • Fire & arson investigation
  • Community risk reduction education

The office was renamed the Fire Marshal Division at that time.

Current Structure
The division is composed of the Fire Marshal, three deputy fire marshals, eight assistant fire marshals, and two administrative specialists.  

The division is responsible for conducting fire safety surveys of new and existing buildings, reviewing plans for fire code compliance, conducting fire & arson investigations, and coordinating a variety of community risk reduction programs. Additionally, the fire marshal serves as the public information officer (PIO) for the department.  

Each of these functions improves the safety of our community and reduces the potential of loss or injury of our emergency first responders while preserving our historic community.