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Fire Department Overview

The Charleston Fire Department protects and serves our community through professional delivery of prevention, outreach, and emergency response service.

As the Charleston Fire Department strives to maintain a reputation of exceptional service delivery, it is our vision that, by 2021, we shall be widely known for Service, Commitment, Community, Integrity and Professionalism in the provision of world-class service during a time of transition and transformation.


Service - Provide safe, timely, and efficient response to our community.

Commitment - Duty and responsibility to our community and members of the organization.

Community - Dedicate d to involving and including our citizens.

Integrity - Being honest, respectful and loyal to our community and peers.

Professionalism - Achieve excellence through progressive and courteous service.

The Fire Chief oversees the department and provides direction and guidance to the division managers which include:  

  • Fire Operations Division 
    • Managed by a Deputy Chief
    • Oversees shift operations
    • Emergency response
    • Special Teams
    • Safety

  • Training and Technical Services Division
    • Managed by a Deputy Chief
    • Fleet Maintenance
    • Logistics
    • Training

  • Fire Marshal Division
    • Managed by the Chief Fire Marshal
    • Fire Plan Review, Permitting, & New Construction Inspections
    • Fire Code Enforcement
    • Fire & Arson Investigations
    • Community Risk Reduction & Public Information
    • Pre-Plans and Hydrant Maintenance
    • RMS (records management system)

  • Administrative Services Division
    • Managed by the Administrative Services Manager
    • Budget
    • Finance
    • Headquarters Administrative support