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Dock Street Theatre

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Recently renovated, Charleston’s Historic Dock Street Theatre is a working performing arts theatre. Seating 450 patrons, it is a beautiful, intimate venue that plays host to a variety of different performances year round.

History Dock Street Theatre
Construction began on original Dock Street Theatre in 1735, and it opened on February 12, 1736, with the play The Recruiting Officer. The theatre stood roughly where the stage is today and ran east to west (as opposed to north to south like it does now) and faced Queen (then Dock) Street. The structure was believed to have been destroyed by fire of 1740. It was then replaced by another theatre building, which was demolished by the 1780’s as another, larger theatre was built nearby.

In 1809, the present day structure was created to be the Planters Hotel. The hotel was remolded in 1835 and looks very much today as it did then. During that time, the Planters hotel was one of the largest and most luxurious hotels in Charleston. After the Civil War, the building fell into neglect and was badly damaged by the great earthquake of 1886. The building was soon after abandoned and became a haunted relic of times past.

More Recent History Interior
In the mid 1930’s, the Works Progress Administration restored the hotel structure to its original appearance and converted the interior into a theatre once again. The building served as a full time working theatre until it closed in 2007 for another renovation.

Reopening in 2010, Charleston’s Historic Dock Street Theatre continues to be the cultural centerpiece for the arts in Charleston. Playing host to a full season produced by Charleston Stage Company (in residence at the Dock Street), as well as productions for Spoleto Festival USA, and a number of concert series throughout the year.