Can I add yard debris to the food scrap carts?

Please, NO yard debris, the food scrap carts are for food scraps ONLY!  

Yard debris is already picked up curbside and sent to the compost facility.  For more information on curbside yard debris collection for the City of Charleston visit or please contact your local jurisdiction.

But if they are both being composted, why can’t I mix them?  There are lots of reasons!

  • To make compost, it is necessary to follow a recipe.  The recipe requires certain parts of green material, (like food scraps), certain parts of brown material, (like yard debris), and a certain amount of moisture, aeration and heat.  Following the recipe is really important for optimum decomposition and a healthy compost pile, and utilizing a variety of material sources is important too.  
  • The Bees Ferry Compost facility is professionally managed and needs to obtain the raw ingredients separately in order to make compost.  The compost facility will then mix the raw ingredients together based on the ratios of the recipe.
  • Plus, food waste breaks down at a different rate than yard waste, so the facility handles yard debris differently than food waste, which often needs to be broken down into smaller pieces.

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