I think I have a hardship in complying with this ordinance. What should I do?

The intention of this ordinance is not to hurt our business community. You may request an exemption at any time for any unique circumstances that may arise.  

Establishments may file for a temporary exemption if you qualify for one of the below reasons.  Read below to see if you qualify, and how to apply.  

  • Undue Hardship or Practical Difficulty (includes excess inventory) not generally applicable to other persons in similar circumstances (up to one year exemption, applies to entire Article V)

Applications for an Undue Hardship or Practical Difficulty (not including excess inventory) should prove proactive efforts have been made and be substantiated with factual evidence of why the hardship or difficulty exists despite best efforts to uphold the spirit of the ordinance.

Applications for excess inventory should include proof excess inventory was purchased prior to 11/27/18, the date of ratification.  The City may ask for information periodically on inventory reduction and remaining stock.

  • Public Health and Safety Requirement or Medical Necessity to use the product (up to one year exemption, applies to foam products only)

If you qualify for either of the above reasons, the next step is for you to complete an exemption application(Temporarily Suspended due to Covid-19).  Make sure to explain clearly why you feel like you qualify for an exemption.  Please also remember to attach documents that support your claim.   Please note, approved requests may be posted publicly on the City’s webpage. 

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