How do I apply?

Select the "Join" button for the board, commission or committee you would like to apply to join. Select "Apply" next to the seat you would like to apply for and then click "Apply Now" at the top right corner of the page. You will be taken to a screen to create an account. Be sure you remember the Username and Password you create! Then you will be taken to an online application.

Information Requested

Information required is indicated with a "*" Please provide as much information as possible. Under "Availability" please include any relevant information. For example, you might note you are unavailable for daytime meetings.

You will be provided with an opportunity to include a "Brief Resume of Education and Experience. We also encourage you to upload a full resume/curriculum vitae (CV). You may also upload letters of recommendation.


You may save your application as a draft so you can come back to it later. To do so, you would log back in when you are ready and click on "My Applications." When you are ready to submit your application, press "Submit Application."

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