How does an individual artist or organization apply for grant?

To apply for a quarterly grant from the LQAGP, the following must be received on the appropriate deadline date no later than 5 p.m.

Required Materials

 All materials must be collated as follows:

  1. A completed LQAGP Application (must be typed or printed). Only LQAGP application forms will be accepted for review.
  2. A conference or workshop brochure if grant is for attendance.
  3. Letters of support or letters of commitment from any collaborating partners involved in the project.
  4. Support material such as tapes, slides, scores, films, writing samples as applicable. Original works of art will not be accepted. If work samples are to be returned, a stamped, self- addressed envelope must be enclosed (must be identified with applicant's name, title of work, medium/process, date of work dimensions, duration or number of pages).

Organizations only:

  1. Current list of Board of Directors
  2. Proposed operation budget for current fiscal year
  3. Copy of State of South Carolina charter as nonprofit organization

Application Review

The Grants Review Panel reviews applications for completeness, accuracy, etc. and reserves the right to contact applicants if further information is needed.

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