How do I obtain a residential parking permit?
If you live within a Residential Parking District, you may obtain a residential parking permit/decal from Revenue Collections Parking Ticket Division, located at 180 Lockwood Boulevard. Please note that all unpaid parking citations must be paid in full before a new parking permit is issued.

Homeowner requirements are as follows:

1. A copy of the vehicle registration for each vehicle requiring a permit. If vehicle registration is in a company name and/or last name differs,please provide a notarized statement from the company or individual authorizing use of this vehicle.

2. One of the following:
a) copy of current property tax receipt or current property tax bill or
b) copy of closing statement (new property purchase - new owners only)

Renter requirements are as follows:

1. A current lease agreement or notarized form outlining terms of rental agreement if a lease does not exist.

2. A current vehicle's registration (if last name differs, you must bring notarized form from owner giving permission to use vehicle) or a current bill of sale from the recent purchase of a new vehicle.

Please call (843) 724-7375 if you have a questions.Residential Parking Permit Map

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