What steps are required to build a fence at my house?

To obtain a Fence Permit you will need to submit the following:

  1. Home Owners Association approval if necessary
  2. Your property’s plat. This will need to show property lines, the residence, and any easements. If you do not have a copy of your plat and cannot find one, you can draw your own.
  3. Completed Building Permit application.
  4. If the property falls in the Board of Architectural Review (BAR) purview, you will need to complete their application.

Once you have all of your necessary documents, you will need to submit your package to permits@charleston-sc.gov.


After you have received your approval through our Zoning and BAR (if required) and your fence is being installed in a drainage easement you will need to complete an encroachment application. In addition to the encroachment application, you will need to provide the Zoning approved plat and a payment of $25.00. Please note that the encroachment permitting process can take up to four weeks. For questions and inquiries regarding encroachments, call Tamika Moore-Grzybowski at 724-3754.


After completing the installation of the fence, you will need to schedule an inspection through the Engineering Division. To schedule an inspection, please call 843-724-3782 or email Austin Jordan, Engineering Permit Coordinator.

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1. What steps are required to build a fence at my house?