Is a permit or license required by the City for a garage or yard sale?
A permit or license is NOT required to hold a garage or yard sale as long as no more than one sale occurs each quarter per calendar year by any one individual, household group, family, multi-unit property or subdivision. This is a standard set forth by the State of South Carolina.

Please confirm that garage or yard sales do not violate your neighborhood covenants. This only applies if you are located in a neighborhood with covenants or deed restrictions.

Do not block the public Right-Of-Way, such as streets or sidewalks with merchandise.

Do not negatively impact the flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic on public Right-Of-Ways.

No signs may be posted off-premises.

Do not nail or place signs on trees, utility poles, sign posts, parkway or other city property. It is permissible to place a sign in your own vehicle, but it must be properly parked on the street to advertise your sale. Advertising in a newspaper is a good alternative.

One single-face sign, not larger than 2-feet by 3-feet, may be posted on the premises where a sale is being conducted for the duration of the sale and must be removed immediately thereafter.

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