Can I vend food from a truck on private property?

To vend food from a truck on private property you must first obtain written approval from the owner of the property. You will then apply for a new Business License CO and include the written approval of the property owner with your submittal. A Business License CO is required for all businesses and non-profits that are located within City limits. Applications can be obtained online or from the Revenue Collections – Business License Office which is located in the Permit Center at 2 George Street. A Business License CO application process is an opportunity for the City to confirm that your proposed use is permitted in the property’s zoning district and that the structure meets applicable building and fire code requirements. Please submit your application to Revenue Collections – Business License Office. The office will then forward the application to Zoning, Fire Marshal, and Building Inspections Divisions for review. These Divisions may contact you with questions regarding your application and to schedule necessary inspections. Note: Any business serving food requires a SC Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) permit and inspection. Contact the SCDHEC Food Protection Division at (803) 896-0640 or

New Business License Process

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