Pet Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness for Pets: 

  • Put the kennel/crate together as a trial, then store and transport disassembled.
  • Allow your pet to become familiar with the kennel/crate at home before a disaster.
  • Use a blanket to partially cover the kennel/crate during the height of the storm for added security.
  • Plastic grocery bags make pet clean up easier.
  • Dry pet food is easier to transport and use than canned food during a disaster.
  • Consider micro-chips for your pet before a storm
  • If you are a Charleston County resident, have an animal to evacuate with you and do not have transportation, contact the Charleston County Citizen's Public Information Line at 843-746-3900 (TTY - 843-746-3911 or Spanish - 843-746-3909)

Supply Checklist: 

  • 3 Bath Towels
  • Dry food (1 to 2 lbs for every 10 pounds)
  • Food and water bowls
  • Garbage Bags
  • Health Records (rabies certificate)
  • Leash, collar, harness
  • Kennel/Crate
  • Medications
  • Muzzle (if necessary)
  • Newspaper (dog); litter box/litter (cat)
  • Photo of pet
  • Toys and other comfort items
  • Water (dog: 1 gal for every 10 pounds.; cat: half gallon)