Lateral Hire

The Charleston Police Department currently accepts certified officers from other states through our lateral hire program. The application and testing process is the same.

If you meet the minimum qualifications for a police officer, are currently certified or have been certified within the last three years, and worked at least one full year as a full-time officer; you are eligible as a lateral hire.

Prior Records

Candidates who are offered and accept employment with the Charleston Police Department will submit their previous training records to the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy for review. If your previous records meet their standards for training, your academy may be shortened to 6 six weeks. Candidates must undergo pre-academy training for 6 weeks with our department. Once the pre-academy training is complete, officers are commissioned and then attend the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy. It is a classroom style academy that meets Monday through Friday. Recruits reside on campus during that training period. 


Upon successful graduation from the academy, you will return to the department and enter a shortened Field Training Program.