Chief's Message

041318-JMossman-032 (640x800).jpgWelcome and thank you for visiting the Charleston Police Department's website. We are excited to have you engaged and seeking additional insights about our Department and the men and women who take great pride in serving and protecting our communities. The information contained on this site comes from various internal and external sources and has been compiled for you, in an effort to increase our ability to serve and provide tools to help you better understand what is being accomplished. We hope as you navigate through the information and learn more about our many initiatives, a picture emerges which shows our organization is committed to open communication, community engagement, leadership and performing with excellence in all that we do. With a clear acknowledgment that we can always improve, we will work hard to do the right things, for the right reasons, through various community problem-solving partnerships and strategies, in order to build trust while enhancing the safety and quality of life in all our communities.

It is our strong desire to adopt you as one of our many partners in making Charleston the best community for all people. Please provide us your feedback and suggestions about how we can make this site more useful and informative and how we can continue to build excellence and effectiveness in all our efforts and initiatives.

On behalf of all the men and women of the Charleston Police Department, thank you for being involved, for your partnership and for caring about our communities. It is only through working together, that we will achieve our greatest success.

With much respect, gratitude and excitement, 

Luther Reynolds

Chief of Police