District Three Councilmember

Jason Sakran

Serving as Councilmember for District Three is Jason Sakran, who was elected in November 2019. He and his wife Lindsay live in North Central with their two children, Loflin and Atticus.


He currently serves as the Director of Expanded Learning (Kaleidoscope) for the Charleston County School District where he supervises 350 part-time and 50 full-time staff at 44 elementary schools. During his tenure with the department, his team has led the effort to streamline operations, improve quality, leverage resources, increase partnerships, and operate cost-neutral to the school district while serving 5000 students daily. Half the students who participate do so at a free or reduced rate because his department receives the most 21st Century After School Grant funding ($1.5 million annually) of any school district in the State of South Carolina. He is a strong supporter of public education and fights to ensure all students have access to the same resources. He is also co-owner and founder of the Bon Banh Mi Southeast Asian Kitchen, which is home to two locations here in Charleston. As a small business owner, he believes it’s critically important we support and defend small businesses as they are the driving economic force in our community. He believes strongly that a quality education system coupled with real economic opportunities for all citizens is the only way to lift up communities and break the cycle of poverty.

Standing Committees

Councilmember Sakran holds positions on the following standing committees:

  • Community Development Committee
  • Special Facilities Committee
  • Recreation Committee
  • Commission on Equity, Inclusion, and Racial Conciliation, Co-Chair

To contact Jason or to learn more about his vision and priorities:

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