The Great Charleston Cleanup

March 18th - June 18thGroup Litter Sweep

The Great Charleston Cleanup is taking place this year from March 18th through June 18th. This event is the City of Charleston's local version of the Great American Cleanup, hosted annually by Keep America Beautiful. Each year, Keep Charleston Beautiful encourages individuals and community groups to get outside and help beautify our public spaces, for the betterment of our communities. Beautification activities could include picking up litter, planting vegetable, rain, or pollinator gardens, trimming back weeds and vegetative overgrowth, clearing blocked storm drains, planting trees, or even removing illegal graffiti and decals from public spaces.

Check out the ways you can participate in The Great Charleston Cleanup! Whether an individual or a group, there are lots of ways to get involved.

Opportunities For Groups:

  • Coordinate a litter sweep with a group of volunteers. KCB can provide necessary cleanup supplies. Please email us to discuss event scheduling!
  • Check out our Adopt-A-Block Program! We are looking for businesses, clubs, community groups, etc. to help clean and beautify streets throughout our City. 
  • Check out the volunteer opportunities included in the Lowcountry Land Trust's Collaborative Earth Week Event! All of our great local environmental organizations will be hosting events as part of this Earth Week Celebration. 

Opportunities For Individuals:

Events on the Calendar for the Great Charleston Cleanup

Event Date Partner Group Event Type Impacts
3/18/2023 Carolina Ocean Alliance, 
Charleston Waterkeeper, City of Charleston
Litter Sweep 58 volunteers
 1624 lbs of litter
3/23/2023 Waves for Women Sustainability 45 lbs of compostables 
diverted from landfill
3/25/2023 Lowcountry Land Trust Sustainability 183 lbs of waste
diverted from landfill
3/27/2023 Charleston Homeschool Group Litter Sweep 9 volunteers
18.5 lbs of litter
3/28/2023 University School of the Lowcountry Education 15 student participants
3/31/2023 Britt, Peters and Associates Litter Sweep 3 volunteers
20 lbs of litter
4/1/2023 Rosemont Neighborhood Litter Sweep 8 volunteers
312 lbs of litter
4/2/2023 Charleston Baptist Youth Group Litter Sweep 17 volunteers
220 lbs of litter
4/3/2023 Clean City Clara Presentation @ Oakland Elementary School Education 68 student participants
4/5/2023 City of Charleston Recreation Easter Event Sustainability 38 lbs of recyclables
diverted from landfill
4/6/2023 Blue Ion Litter Sweep 10 volunteers
80 lbs of litter
4/7/2023 West Ashley High School DECA Litter Sweep
20 student volunteers
78 lbs of litter
4/15/2023 Charleston Bee Expo Sustainability 65 lbs of recyclables
diverted from landfill
4/15/2023 Radcliffeborough Neighborhood Litter Sweep 22 volunteers
400 lbs of litter
4/15/2023 Ethos Athletic Club Litter Sweep 200 volunteers
Lbs of litter TBD
4/15/2023 Explore Charleston  Litter Sweep 32 volunteers
240 lbs of litter
4/18/2023 Clara's Kids Club Youth Cleanup Event Litter Sweep 20 volunteers
49 lbs of litter
4/21/2023 Kayak Cleanup with Lowcountry Land Trust Litter Sweep 27 volunteers
124 lbs of litter
4/22/2023 Tabling Event, Earth Week Wrap Party Awareness ~400 participants
4/22/2023 Riverland Terrace Neighborhood Association Litter Sweep/Beautification 13 volunteers
240 lbs of litter
4/23/2023 Charleston Parks Conservancy's 
Brunch In The Park
Sustainability 11 lbs of waste
diverted from landfill
4/24/2023 Bishop England students Litter Sweep 5 volunteers
84 lbs of litter
5/5/2023 Clean City Clara Presentation @ James Island Elementary School Education 60 student participants
5/6/2023 Lowcountry Dog Magazine & Chas. Parks Conservancy Sustainability 4 lbs of waste
diverted from landfill
5/7/2023 Charleston Parks Conservancy's
Picnic In The Park
Sustainability 139 lbs of waste
diverted from landfill
5/13/2023 Eastside Neighborhood Litter Sweep 10 volunteers
200 lbs of litter
5/17/2023 Amazon  Litter Sweep 6 volunteers
54.5 lbs of litter
5/18/2023 Green Heart Project's Harvest Dinner Sustainability 148 lbs of waste
diverted from landfill
5/19/2023 Clara's Kids Club Youth Cleanup Event Litter Sweep 8 volunteers
644 pieces of litter
5/20/2023 Radcliffeborough Neighborhood Litter Sweep 10 volunteers
120 lbs of litter
5/20/203 French Quarter Neighborhood Association Litter Sweep 20 volunteers 
320 lbs of litter
5/20/2023 Operation Neighborhood Litter Sweep/Beautification 90 volunteers
Lbs of litter TBD
6/5/2023 National Secure Your Load Day Awareness TBA
6/10/2023 Eastside Neighborhood Litter Sweep TBA
6/17/2023 Radcliffeborough Neighborhood Litter Sweep TBA