How Will Stormwater Fees Help?

Stormwater fees allow the City of Charleston to increase maintenance of our stormwater pipes and ditches.

Ditch CleaningWe have increased our ditch cleaning capacity by more than 50% since the interim fees were implemented. 

Vac Truck

We have purchased 3 new vacuum trucks that have increased our pipe cleaning abilities by 150%.

Drainage ImprovementWe have 2 major drainage improvement projects underway that are reducing the flooding in people’s homes and businesses while complying with all environmental regulations thus improving the water quality around us.

We are requiring new developments to install stormwaterWater Runoff controlling measures that reduce the amount of runoff to pre-development rates and we are encouraging this activity with incentives for meeting certain minimum standards in the form of on-going credits to the stormwater fees.

Owners that reduce the amount of developed area on their property may reduce the amount of their monthly bill.

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