Compliance Reporting

3rd Party Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Fire & Life Safety Systems 

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  4. Contractors

The Charleston Fire Department has implemented an online program for the submittal of fire and life safety system reports.  Fire protection and life safety systems are among the most important components in any building to preserve lives, protect property, and enhance firefighter safety.  Routine maintenance is critical to ensure systems are ready to protect citizens, first responders, and property throughout our historic community.  

The Compliance Engine by Brycer was selected, through a competitive procurement process, to provide a single point online reporting system.  The Compliance Engine is a web-based technology service and analytic suite that will assist the Charleston Fire Department proactively drive fire code compliance and ensure a safer community. 

The initial implementation phase will occur on September 1, 2021.  The first phase will include multiple basic system types for properties throughout the City of Charleston.  Additional phases will be considered as the program develops and may include:  

  • Additional fire & life safety systems or periodic inspections.
  • Apartment complex verification of smoke alarm testing, emergency escape window maintenance, and fire separation validation.
  • Opportunities for residential rental life safety compliance reporting.
  • Future consideration of partnering with local State and Federal entities to consider improving reporting strategies (please note this program currently does not apply to properties that are owned and operated by State or Federal government entities).