Huck Finn Fishing Tournament

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  1. Matt Olson

    Environmental Education Coordinator


How to Participate    

Show up and fish at one of these designated locations during the designated dates of April 22 at 3pm until May 9 at 5pm:

  • Colonial Lake
  • Fishing Pier @ Demetre Park (James Island)
  • Fishing Pier @ Northbridge Park (West Ashley)
  • West Ashley Park
  • Johns Island Park

o    Please only submit ONE fish! If you fish at multiple locations, take pictures of each fish you catch and then submit the OVERALL largest one you catch at the end. We are only counting ONE submission. 

o    Each location will have a RECREATION sign/banner with an attached ruler/measuring device.  To enter a fish into the competition, you must submit a picture of the fish next to the ruler so we can see an accurate length measurement.  We ask that this is done as quickly as possible and then release the fish to give it the best chance for survival.

o    For a fish to be qualified for the event, the measurement must be taken using the measuring device supplied by the Recreation Dept at the site.  Any other measuring devices displayed in the picture will disqualify the fish.

o    Participants must use a rod and reel or cane pole when fishing. Cast nets or traps are not allowed for this event. 

o    Fish will be determined solely by total body length for this event and not by weight, girth, or any other measurement.

o    Kids may only submit a picture of ONE fish through the event, so choose wisely!  Take pictures with every fish you caught, wait until you know you will no longer go out, and then send in your final choice. If a child submits more than one entry throughout the entire event, they will be disqualified.

o    Please only count fish that were caught at our designated locations. 

o    Children ages 16 and under do not need a fishing license or permit in the city of Charleston. Parents, if you plan to fish alongside your child, please abide by local licensing rules. 

Submission Rules

Photos MUST be received by 5:00pm on Sunday, May 9th to be eligible.  Any submissions time coded after 5pm on Sunday, May 9th will be disqualified. Child must take a picture next with their fish to the City of Charleston Recreation sign in the designated parks and measuring ruler to be qualified. ONLY ONE SUBMISSION.


Conclusion of Event & Awards

Photos MUST be received by 5:00pm on Sunday, May 9th to be eligible.  Any submissions time coded after 5pm on Sunday, May 9th will be disqualified. 

All submissions will be reviewed on Monday, May 10th.

Winner will be announced via the City of Charleston’s Recreation Facebook page on Tuesday, May 11th.  The winners will also be contacted by email and\or phone on Tuesday, May 11th to arrange pick up of the trophies!

If 2 more participants tie at the top of the leaderboard, the participant that submitted their picture first (determined by digital date and time stamp) will be deemed the winner.

Trophies will be distributed to the top 2 finishers in each age group (4-6, 7-9 & 10-12).

All participants will also be entered into a lottery drawing for additional prizes.  The winners of the lottery drawings will also be notified on Tuesday, May 4th by phone or email.   

Helpful Hints

This is a Catch & Release event therefore to increase the survival rates of the fish, please bring a bucket with you while fishing.  Place the caught fish in the bucket, with some water, while transporting to get measured.  After the measurement and photo have been completed, place the fish back in the bucket while transporting back to the water.

Wear gloves to help protect the scale layer of the fish.