City Plan

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The City of Charleston is embarking on a process to create a new City Plan to help guide our community through the next decade and beyond.  We will soon launch a public involvement and outreach initiative to encourage and promote engagement in preparation of the new City Plan. Over the next year, there will be multiple opportunities for Charleston residents and businesses to participate and share feedback and ideas about the future of the City. This space will be our primary avenue to communicate City Plan status regularly.

What is the City Plan?

Every 10 years, cities and towns in South Carolina undertake creation or update of a "comprehensive" plan to establish guidelines for the future growth of the community. The plan is a recommendatory document, providing guidance and is often written abstractly so that appointed and elected officials can utilize a variety of means to implement it.  The value of a comprehensive plan is the articulation of the community’s values and goals and clear indication of the community’s desire to see to its implementation.  The plan may provide guidance for establishing laws, policies and programs to achieve this implementation.  Elements of a plan often include, but are not limited to, equity, housing, economics, health and wellness, parks and recreation, public facilities, infrastructure, traffic, and overall livability.

What Values Are Guiding this Process?

  1. Water First
  2. Data Smart
  3. Community Empowered
  4. Strength in Diversity

Anchored in where water is and where it is going to be


What Is the Timeline?

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