Special Events Progress Report


updated October 21, 2019

Novak Consulting Group made 15 policy and procedural recommendations designed to build upon the City’sprevious successes and position Charleston to more effectively administer special events in the future.  Quarterly updates will be provided to demonstrate progress.

Special Events Recommendations

RecommendationPriorityStatusExpected/Actual CompletionNotes
Establish a comprehensive City Special Events policy.
Establish clear guidelines for assessing and reducing special event application fees.

Revise the City’s Special Events ordinance and develop a Special Events Procedures Manual.

Formalize criteria for administratively approving special event applications.

Adjust staff representation on the Special Events Committee.

Create a dedicated, full-time Special Events Coordinator position.

Formalize the SEC review and meeting process and create greater opportunities for staff review.
Develop an electronic application and submittal process for special events.
Require applications to be substantially complete before processing.
Explore the use of software solutions to further streamline the event application, permitting, and calendaring process.

Ensure special events comply with permit requirements and City ordinances while events are in progress.
Consistently conduct post-event evaluations.
Seek regular feedback from neighborhood groups regarding the impact of special events in their neighborhoods.
Establish data tracking and performance mechanisms for special events.