Public Service Progress Report

updated October 21, 2019

Novak Consulting Group made 28 recommendations for improving service delivery in Environmental Services and Fleet Management. After thoughtful review and consideration of impact, ease of implementation and resources needed to complete, the team prioritized the recommendations and plan to implement as identified below.  The recommendations are broken down by Environmental Services, Fleet Management, and Management and Performance.  Quarterly updates will be provided to demonstrate progress.

Environmental Services

RecommendationPriorityStatusExpected/Actual CompletionNotes
Prevent collections crews from returning to the Milford Street garage with trucks full of waste.

May 2019 
Quantify stops and formalize routes associated with commercial garbage collection, trash collection, and street sweeping.

Procure high-capacity public garbage receptacles in the Downtown Peninsula to streamline grounds custodian operations and reduce staffing requirements.

August 2019 
Expand regular route studies to include commercial garbage, trash collection, and street sweeping.

Expand the use of technology to commercial garbage and trash collection vehicles and provide training on equipment use.
May 2021
Prioritize acquisition of automated garbage vehicles for the Garbage Collection division.
July 2021 
Reduce residential garbage collection crews to one driver and one collector.
July 2021Dependent upon ASL adoption (see above).
Utilize knuckleboom loaders for trash collection operations.
February 2022 
Align solid waste collection practices with City codes.
January 2021 
Evaluate the development of a fee-based funding model for trash and garbage collection services.
June 2020 
Reduce the vacancy and turnover rate in Environmental Services.
#% by December 2020Evaluate Quarterly
Track overtime usage by category and develop an incentive pay policy.ON HOLDJanuary 2021Need digital payroll in place.
Issue an RFP for commercial garbage services.ON HOLD

Fleet Management

RecommendationPriorityStatusExpected/Actual CompletionNotes
Establish a dedicated Heavy Equipment Mechanic crew.

Positions advertised since Q1 2019. Developing alternate strategies.
Synchronize schedules between Environmental Services and Fleet staff.

Align mechanic certifications and training with overall fleet composition.

Improve utilization of the Collective Fleet Management System.Not Started
Develop wrench time and shop productivity targets.Not Started
Depends on improved utilization of Collective Fleet.
Develop monthly fleet and fuel management reports for departments.

Utilize Collective Fleet to project fleet replacement needs.Not Started
Depends on improved utilization of Collective Fleet.
Establish a Fleet Utilization target.Not Started
Create a Fleet Advisory Committee.

Begin conducting an annual customer satisfaction survey.Not StartedQ1 2020 
Issue an RFP for outsourcing preventive vehicle maintenance on light duty vehicles (passenger cars and trucks).Not StartedQ1 2020 
Establish a vehicle replacement fund to support regular capital expenditures for replacing fleet inventory.Not Started

Management and Performance

RecommendationPriorityStatusExpected/Actual CompletionNotes
Cultivate a performance management system in Public Service, led by the Director of Public Service.Not Started
Reassign Fleet Management to the Public Service Operations division.

Q1 2019