Hurricane Hugo 30th Anniversary

Hurricane Hugo Satellite Image.jpg

Thirty years ago this September, Hurricane Hugo made landfall off the coast of Charleston as a Category 4 storm on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale. With top winds of 140 miles per hour and a storm surge of nearly twenty feet, Hugo slammed into the South Carolina coast with an intensity that rivaled few storms before it. 

Although lacking experience with a disaster of this magnitude, City officials quickly organized to address the immediate necessity of emergency repairs and roadway clearing. They had no way of knowing at that time the massive amounts of labor, money, and time that would ultimately go into restoring Charleston to its pre-hurricane state.

The City of Charleston Records Center holds a collection of Hurricane Hugo records, which may be of interest to historians and researchers. Please see the attached finding aid and contact Records Specialist, Rebecca Schultz, for more information or to view the collection. 

  1. Document Selection
  2. Hugo Photographs
  3. Waterfront Park Photographs
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