Unified Sports & Programs

Mark Your Calendars!

Winter/Spring Unified Sports

  • Unified Basketball
  • Unified Swimming
  • Unified Cheerleading

Winter/Spring Unified Programs

  • Unified Cooking
  • Unified Dance
  • Unified Pottery
  • Unified Theater

Summer Unified Programs

  • Unified Creative Arts Camp
  • Unified Performing Arts Camp
  • Unified Summer Sports Sampler

Fall Unified Sports

  • Unified Tennis
  • Unified Swimming
  • Unified Golf

Fall Unified Programs

  • Unified Dance
  • Unified Pottery
  • Unified Gymnastics
  • Unified Cooking
  • Unified C.A.S.T.

Year-Round Unified Programs

  • Unified Dinner and A Movie Nights
  • Unified Day Trips
  • Unified Dances

Upcoming Programs

dance party flyerZumba Dance Party

Date/Time: June 13 at 6pm
Location: St. Julian Devine Community Center
Ages: All
Cost: Free
Activity Number: 530021

Description: Join us for a fun Zumba dance party for the whole family! Pre-registration is required.