Racial Bias Audit

Completed in 2019, the Racial Bias Audit provided insights, information and context that the Department is using to increase our capabilities to deliver the best outcomes possible. This audit is allowing the Department to show its continued commitment to transparency and engagement with the community.

This audit was made possible when Mayor Tecklenburg and the City Council voted unanimously on December 18, 2018 to allow the Charleston Police Department to hire an external company (CNA) to examine CPD’s policies and procedures in the following topic areas: 1) Use of Force; 2) Traffic Stops and Field Contacts; 3) Internal/External Complaints; 4) Recruitment and Hiring; and 5) Community Engagement. 

Chief Luther Reynolds stated the following: “It is my vision and desire to emerge from this process even stronger than we already are, both internally and externally.”

Feedback is encouraged and citizens can email the Department directly at speaktoCPD@charleston-sc.gov.


Audit Tracking Dashboard