The Adopt-a-Drain program allows local residents and organizations to “adopt” storm drains to help protect nearby drains from unwanted debris, pollutants or blockages.

This program helps to ensure neighborhood drainage systems work as efficiently as possible by keeping the surface of drains clear of leaves and litter debris blockages, which simultaneously protects water quality.   Adopt now!

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Within a few short steps from your home or business, a storm drain is likely in need of your support.  Anyone can adopt!  Individuals, families, businesses, schools, and organizations of all types such as churches, clubs and sports teams, who feel they can effectively and reasonably monitor a drain.

Benefits of Adopting a Storm Drain

  • Help Reduce or Prevent Flooding
    Clogged storm drain inlets can cause or worsen flooding. Keeping drains and drain inlets free from debris will help water drain properly.
  • Help Protect Our Waterways from Pollution 
    Stormwater flows to waterways untreated and is the #1 contributor of pollution to our waters.  By keeping litter and pollutants out of storm drains you are helping protect the area's water bodies. 
  • Help Keep Your Neighborhood Clean and Free of Litter
    Show community pride and set a positive example by being an active steward of your neighborhood.

A drain in need of adopting

Leaves partially over storm inlet

It's Easy!  Here's How It Works

1 - 2 - 3!
  1. Monitor the adopted drain weekly and remove debris on and around the drain as needed- particularly before a rain or storm event if it is safe to do so.
  2. Clear debris within the curb area several yards along each side of the storm drain, especially an uphill side where debris will likely flow towards the drain.
  3. Report your efforts to let us know you have inspected and/or serviced your drain by periodically submitting a simple “Field Inspection Report” (mobile friendly!) Learn More about reporting.

Consider adopting a drain in your neighborhood!    

It is a great way to show neighborhood pride and responsibility in helping to protect water quality, manage stormwater, and minimize flooding!

Clogged Drain (before adoption and cleaning)


Cleared Drain (after adoption and cleaning)


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"A drain can be cleared one day, and blocked by leaves or  litter the next. 

With thousands of these inlets throughout the region, crews are in a never-ending battle to keep the storm drains clean, and can use all the help they can get."

Leaves and Litter are On-The-Move!

Leaf blowers, slight winds and flowing water are a few common ways leaves and litter make their way into our streets and ultimately storm drains.

While storm drains undergo intense routine cleaning by City and County maintenance crews, (such as using Vacuum Trucks to clear sediment and debris that enters), you can help bridge the gap between routine maintenance by helping to prevent debris from entering drains to begin with and ensuring stormwater can flow into drains easily.

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Related Documents

For those interested in joining the initiative or already participating in their own neighborhoods, the Adopt-A-Drain Pilot Project offers additional resources for personal safety, tips on inspecting and cleaning a drain, and forums to report issues.  Your safety and enjoyment are important to us. All volunteers are urged to participate in a safe, courteous and legal manner while participating in activities on public property or the public rights-of-way. All volunteers must follow the guidelines when volunteering in order to promote a successful Storm Drain Adoption experience and to protect the safety of the volunteer.

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