Consider adopting a drain in your neighborhood.  It is a great way to show neighborhood pride and responsibility.

A Citizen's Duty

The familiar phrase “of the people, by the people, for the people” comes from Abraham Lincoln’s famous Gettysburg Address. It describes democracy as a system grounded in citizenship and public participation. The path to resilience is similar in the sense that we are all stakeholders and, therefore, have a role to play. Each of us can reduce or prevent flooding in our own way. 

One way is by clearing debris and litter from entry points to storm drains. These pollutants can build up and prohibit stormwater from properly flowing off of streets and sidewalks, ultimately resulting in flooding. A drain can be cleared one day, and blocked by leaves or litter the next. With thousands of these inlets throughout the city, crews are in a never-ending battle to keep the storm drains clean, and can use all the help they can get.

Join the Initiative

Within a few short steps from your home or business, a storm drain is likely in need of your support. 

The City of Charleston’s Adopt-A-Drain Pilot Project encourages citizens to help monitor and maintain our drains. For those interested in joining the initiative or already participating in their own neighborhoods, the Adopt-A-Drain Pilot Project offers additional resources for personal safety, tips on inspecting and cleaning a drain, and forums to report issues.


  • Help Reduce or Prevent Flooding
    Clogged storm drain inlets can cause or worsen flooding. Keeping drains free of debris will help water drain properly.
  • Help Protect Our Waterways from Pollution
    By keeping litter and pollutants out of storm drains you are helping protect the area’s water bodies. Stormwater is the #1 contributor of pollution to our waters.
  • Help Keep Your Neighborhood Clean and Free of Litter
    Set a positive example by being an active steward of your neighborhood.