Flood Awareness

New!  Tide Eye Tool

The first step of FLOODCON has been created and is called Tide Eye.   

TIDE-eye is a web & mobile-friendly tool for keeping an eye on our latest local weather and tides, as well as their impact on our traffic and road closures.  Bookmark it on your phone today and let us know your thoughts on this pilot project.

Overview: Flood Awareness Tool

People at tables having discussionsAn example that is ongoing yet already yielding results, involves a grant awarded to the City by Bloomberg Philanthropies. The grant allowed the City to research a program to enhance citizen and visitor responsiveness to flooding.


 The idea is to establish a Flood Condition Awareness Program (FLOODCON) to guide users in making informed decisions to avoid flooding.  FLOODCON could be a proactive planning tool delivering forecasted and real-time flooding information so commuters, businesses, residents, visitors and public institutions can confidently make informed decisions, adapt plans, and protect public safety to enhance quality of life.

City_of_Charleston_BMC_HR-28977 Small Table discussions obtaining feedback from residents


Information would come from new flood sensors strategically positioned around the City that would gather and feed data into the program instantaneously. Additionally, input and information from technical partners including the local National Weather Service (NWS) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) would contribute to generating alerts to identify the level of risk in a particular geographic area.

Alerting Citizens

Such information could be tailored to individual user preferences to alert users to areas where flooding is occurring and predicted to occur, allowing them to alter their routes or schedules to stay out of harm's way.

FLOODCON has the potential to provide the information our citizens need to adapt in order to mitigate major disruptions in livability and economic vitality when flooding occurs, particularly if the flooding is predicted. The City, with hopes to create this program, is seeking additional resources.

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