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Hole by Hole Description and Layout

Located just 10 minutes from downtown Charleston, "The Muni" sits on James Island, situated between the Stono River and historic Riverland Terrace, one of James Island’s oldest neighborhoods. The Municipal Golf Course opened in 1929 on 120 acres of land, which was given to the City from Mr. C. Bissell Jenkins with the stipulation that the property always be a municipal golf course available for everyone. Today, nearly 90 years later, the Muni hosts over 50,000 rounds yearly, enjoying the company of men and women; boys and girls; residents and tourists; all who share a similar passion for golf and the company of good people. Simply put - The Muni is Everyone’s Course.

2020 Course Renovation

In 2019, City Council voted to move forward with a much needed course renovation to address the beloved Muni's battered turf conditions, a result of hosting over 60,000 rounds annually for several generations.  Course work began in January, 2020 and concluded in Fall, 2020 with the grand reopening on December 9, 2020.  The renovation was to be funded in a public/private partnership with Friends of the Muni, Inc, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization put in place to help fund the renovation and remain in place in perpetuity to help ensure proper resources for future improvements.  See more information on www.Friends of the

Leading the way was Troy Miller, local course architect who grew up a short 7-iron's distance from the Muni.  Troy had a strong desire to bring to the Muni a design that would mimic the 'Golden Age' of course architecture, which was so prolific in Charleston at the time of the Muni's original opening in 1929.  Local examples include Seth Raynor's Yeaman's Hall Club (1925) and just a short drive down Maybank Highway, the Country Club of Charleston (1925).  While Raynor's ageless work has proven to be playable and enjoyed all types of golfer, most of his work remains designated to the private golfer.  Therefore, Miller decided the Muni would be the perfect match to bring several of Raynor's template holes to the forefront of public golf including a Redan, Edan, Short, Cape, Road, Punch Bowl, and more.

Several publications have acknowledged the excellent result of the renovation since reopening, including:  #19 on the Top 30 Munis in America (Golf Magazine); 13 Best Redan Holes that you can actually play (Golf Digest); 18th on the Top 20 Classic Courses in South Carolina (SC Golf Course Ratings Panel) and more!

SCORECARD (Updated December, 2020)

Muni Scorecard - 2021

Course Rating Information - Updated December, 2020:

Men's Slope and RatingCourse Rating/
Slope Rating
Front NineFront ParBack NineBack ParTotal Par
Blue Tees72.1/13736.8/1373635.3/1373672
White Tees70.2/13135.9/1293634.3/1333672
Gold Tees66.2/11933.8/1223632.4/1163672
Red Tees63.1/11132.1/1153631.0/1073672
Orange (Family) Tees59.9/10430.1/1043429.8/1043468

Ladies Slope and RatingCourse Rating/
Slope Rating
Front NineFront ParBack NineBack ParTotal Par
White Tees75.9/13539.0/1353636.9/1343672
Gold Tees71.8/12636.8/1263635.0/1253672
Red Tees66.9/11734.6/1233632.3/1113672
Orange Tees61.6/10531.1/1063430.5/1043468