Residential Online Submittals

View the User Guide (PDF) for New Single-Family Online applications. Access step-by-step instructions (PDF) for submitting documents to your Single Family New project.

Recommendations for Submitting Online Using Citizen Access Portal

  • For Description, please type "Construction of new single-family dwelling" into the description line.
  • For Valuation, please type "$1" into the valuation line. We valuate homes based on heated v/s unheated square footage. Unfortunately, the new online submittal process doesn't allow you to enter this way, so the City will continue to enter the information based on numbers listed on the application.
  • When uploading the documents, please name each document so they are easily recognizable. For instance, name the site plan "Site Plan", name the IECC form as "IECCForm", and label Application as "Application" etc. Clicking through mislabeled documents is time-consuming for the reviewers. By labeling the uploaded documents as mentioned above, it will drastically speed up the review process.
  • Please combine architecture and engineering drawings into one PDF and name it Building Plans.
  • Please make sure to include all required documents when submitting online. Uploaded documents should include and be named:
    • Application
    • Building Plans (combined Architectural and Engineering drawings)
    • IECC form
    • Manual J
    • Res Check (optional, but appreciated)
    • Site Plan, or Plot Plan
    • V Zone Documents when necessary
    • Windborne Debris Detail (can also be included in Building Plans)
  • When uploading Building Plans documents, please make sure all pages are the same size, scale, and are oriented in the "landscape" format. New approved plans through eReview receive a digital stamp on every sheet of the Building Plans. If the pages differ in size, scale, and/or orientation, the stamp, when applied to all pages, ends up misaligned, and requires the reviewer to then manually adjust the stamp for each page, making the stamping process very tedious.

By following these steps, it will drastically speed up the review process. Thank you in advance and we look forward to receiving your online submittals!