Volunteer Information

Volunteering helps you explore career options, expand your social circle, discover hidden talents, enjoy better health and have FUN!


The City of Charleston Recreation Departments has plenty of volunteer opportunities for you:

  • Afterschool - Homework Help
  • Aquatics - Swim Team Assistants
  • Intramural Sports - Games, Tournaments
  • New volunteer position - Summer Camps - Reading Partners tutoring at AWCCC!
  • Special Events - Easter, Summer, Halloween, Kids Triathlon, and more
  • Tennis - Tournaments, Leagues
  • Therapeutic Recreation - Sports, Events, Coaching
  • Youth Sports - Coaching Games, assisting with Tournaments and Youth Sports Special Events
  • Adult Sports - Games, Tournaments

For the Reading Partners summer camp volunteer program, please register online at reading partners and also fill out a volunteer form. Please email all volunteer forms to Bethany Doman or turn into any recreation facility (be sure to check tutoring in the box on the first page). 

Steps to Volunteer

  1. Fill out the Volunteer Form
  2. Submit the Form to 823 Meeting Street or a City of Charleston Recreation staff member
  3. Please, wait. The form provides our department with information which will be used to make sure it's a mutually beneficial partnership.
  4. You'll be contacted by a member of the City of Charleston Recreation staff about your assignment.
  5. Have fun!

If you're not sure which athletic coordinator to turn your form into, please email it to Bethany Doman.