Hit It Straighter with TrackMan

Hit it Straighter with TrackMan

Distance is important, but without accuracy it does the golfer no good. With TrackMan, we constantly work to provide the optimal club path and face angle so that the student can hit the desired shot. By knowing exactly what the golf club is doing at impact and how the ball is responding, we can make changes to improve side to side dispersion.

Video Example

Two Dimensional Video

Two dimensional video is extremely helpful for analyzing impact conditions, but often times it can be difficult to see everything that is going on. With TrackMan, the student will learn exactly what happens at impact when they hit a shot that they don't like, as well as what happens when they hit the perfect shot. TrackMan helps the student establish their own feel. We don't allow the student to become reliant on the numbers, rather we use the numbers to educate feel. Once the student has a better understanding of the relationship of the club path and the face angle, they will have a much easier time making the golf ball do what they want it to do and adapting on the golf course.