Clean Cities Sweep - Schools

Clean Cities Sweep School Projects

March through June; Kindergarten through 12th Grades

Charleston Charter School. CCS 2009 (4).JPGClean Cities Sweep takes place this year from March 20th through June 20th. Students and teachers can plan and conduct cleanup and beautification projects that positively impact the community and environment. Keep Charleston Beautiful lends out litter cleanup supplies to schools who wish to participate in a Clean Cities Sweep Project.  We are asking that project coordinators who wish to plan an event for their school or student group reach out to us directly via email. Our ability to provide supplies for "beautification" related projects has been drastically diminished. We will not be able to provide beautification supplies at the scale we have been able to in past years. We apologize for this inconvenience. 

Charleston Charter School


Projects can include:

  • Community/park cleanups
  • Creating gardens
  • Educational presentations
  • Murals
  • Recycling drives
  • School campus litter cleanups
  • Volunteering with environmental organizations
  • Waste reduction initiatives