Firefighter Trainee

The Charleston Fire Department is hiring for the position of firefighter trainee, an entry-level fire suppression, prevention, and emergency response position. We are a growing organization seeking candidates who have a desire to serve our community with honor, pride and integrity. 


Selected candidates will be offered fulltime employment and a seat in our upcoming 26 week recruit academy that will begin in February of 2022.  Upon successful completion of the required recruit academy, personnel will progress to probationary firefighter status and have the opportunity to protect life and property by controlling and extinguishing fires and responding to a variety of emergency incidents.  We are a state licensed medical first responder agency, providing basic life support service to injured and sick persons.


Our members continually seek improvement through training while promoting a safer Charleston through community life safety education programs, pre-incident planning, and a variety of risk reduction strategies.


Please review the information below and the links on the left to learn more about the position.  Additional questions may be emailed to our recruitment team.

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REMINDER: You MUST submit the following REQUIRED documents with your application!

  • Completed Essay answering all 5 Categories (listed below this section)
  • A copy of your high school diploma or equivalent
  • OR transcript showing your highest degree earned
  • A valid copy of state issued driver’s license
  • If prior military, a copy of your DD214 (copy 4)




Tell me what you did in a previous job to learn about the big picture of your company.  How did you learn about its long-term plans, work methods, approaches to service, strengths, and weaknesses?



Tell me about a time when you sacrificed your personal goals for your team or the company.  What was the situation?  Why did you set aside your goals in favor of the company’s needs?



Think back to when you started your most recent job.  What did you do to build relationships with your new co-workers?  How would you characterize your relationship with them now?



What is the best example of something you’ve done that helped others gain trust in you?  What did you do and say that showed that you could be trusted?  What were the long-lasting effects?



Think back over your career and identify an experience that had a major influence on your professional development.   What led to this experience?  How did it help you develop as a professional?