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70 businesses representing around 8 million square feet finished the Green Business Challenge for Year 4. In total, GBC participants implemented over 400 new strategies toward working in a more sustainable and healthy manner. Added to previous year's total, we have instituted over 1800 new practices.

Of the 11 participants who reported financial savings, there was a total or over $23,500 from energy, water and waste reductions. More impressive, are the quantities of energy and water that were saved. These numbers really reflect the power of each participant’s initiatives: 

  • 11 participants saved almost 47 million kwh. enough to power 4300 homes for the year.
  • 4 participants saved over 750,000 gallons of water
  • 15 participants have collectively decreased so much waste that it would fill 140 trash trucks
  • 24 participants have collectively increased their recycling by quantities that would divert 150 trash trucks full of recyclables from the landfill

Just think what the savings could be next year. We encourage all participants to track this data to help us understand what strategies make a difference. 

2014 - 2015 Participant Accomplishments