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Project Details
Project Details
More than 60,000 vehicles per day use the portion of US Hwy 17 known as the Septima P. Clark Parkway, or simply the Crosstown. It is vital that this route remains an efficient lifeline for emergency response vehicles, commuters, and those evacuating the city in times of imminent hurricanes. But due to the Crosstown's construction, neighborhoods have been separated for more than four decades. The project will reconnect those neighborhoods through pedestrian enhancements while improving traffic flow and efficiency. Most importantly, the Crosstown will be made safer for both vehicles and pedestrians.

The full infrastructure reinvestment portion of the US17 Septima Clark Parkway Transportation Infrastructure Reinvestment Project will improve drainage in an area that covers approximately 20% of the peninsula of Charleston (see link below). This first image shows the location of the project on the peninsula and gives a sense of the scale.

Project overview map showing peninsula

The second image (see link below) is much more detailed. The boundary lines of the project are in red. The pink line running from northeast to southwest is the main deep tunnel which will be from 110 feet to 150 feet below ground. The main deep tunnel will collect the water and convey it to the pump station at the lower left of the image. The two shorter purple lines running roughly north and south are lateral deep tunnels which will convey the stormwater to the main deep tunnel. The larger light blue circles are large diameter shafts which will be used to allow the tunnel boring machine to enter and exit the tunnels. The smaller circles are drop shafts that will collect the water from the surface collection system and convey it to the deep tunnels.

The green shaded areas are the locations that will receive direct benefits from the project. The unshaded areas within the boundary lines will receive indirect benefits from the project. In general, these areas are either higher in elevation or are tidally influenced.

Project overview map showing areas served
Steven A. Kirk, P.E.
Senior Engineering Project Manager

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Suite 2100
Charleston, SC 29401

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