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Short Term Rental Permit Information
The use of residential properties for rent between 1 and 29 consecutive days, known as short term rentals (STRs), has been on the rise due to the ease and prevalence of online, peer-to-peer hosting platforms such as AirBnB, HomeAway, and VRBO.

The City of Charleston has recently updated its regulations to permit STRs in all areas of the city in accordance with the rules outlined in the ordinance. The new rules take effect on July 10, 2018.  Application materials are being prepared and will be released shortly before that date. All short term rentals are required to:
  • Meet zone specific criteria based on property location in either Category 1, Category 2, Category 3, or the Short Term Rental Overlay
  • Submit an application online or at the City of Charleston Permit Center located on the 1st floor of the Gaillard Center at 2 George St. Applications must include:
    • floor plans drawn to scale of the habitable structures on the property that clearly designate all rooms to be used by STR guests, and the specific room or rooms to be used by guests for sleeping
    • a site plan of the lot showing the location of the proposed Residential STR unit and the required off-street parking spaces and driveways. For information on how to create a site plan, click here
  • Obtain a business license
  • Obtain short term rental permit (permit will be issued after application is approved)


When can I apply for an STR Permit?

Short term rental permit applications will be available on July 10, 2018

Which permit do I need?
Answer a series of questions to determine which permit you need

How do I apply?
Permit applications will be accepted online.

Can I apply in person?
You will be able to apply in person at the City of Charleston Permit Center located on the first floor of the Gaillard Center located at 2 George St.

More Questions? 
Check out this FAQ Document or contact us at

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