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Upper Peninsula Zoning District
After over a year of tremendous public input, a new zoning district was approved in 2015 specifically designed for the Upper Peninsula that encourages growth to be sustainable and responsible. The Upper Peninsula Zoning District is incentive based offering height and density bonuses in exchange for added community benefits such as workforce housing, public open space and transportation improvements.

The UP Zoning District is a new base zoning district (not an overlay) designed specifically for the Upper Peninsula. It encourages responsible growth and sustainable development.   It allocates density in appropriate areas. It protects the character and livability of the existing residential neighborhoods. It encourages public and private investment and spurs economic development. It implements recommendations of City plans. It was designed by folks living, working and playing in the Upper Peninsula to positively impact the area.

“We recently passed a zoning ordinance which is the first in the state of South Carolina that we know of, that rewards sustainability.”

-Jacob Lindsey, the City of Charleston’s Director of Planning, Preservation & Sustainability in an interview with Quintin Washington