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Participant Achievements 2014-2015
Notso Hostel_thumb.jpg
Above: One of our incredibly innovative participants Notso Hostel. Notso Hostel has found an affordable way to purchase 100% recycled toilet paper as well as turning a former parking lot into an urban garden! 

The Green Business Challenge covers a wide variety of businesses, from 3.5 million square feet to just under 125 square feet. Any business of any size is eligible to participate in the GBC. Our participants are always busy creating and implementing new sustainable initiatives. Feel free to check out all of our wonderful participant achievements 

Achievement Highlights from our Live Oak Winners: 

Boeing- Is a leader in renewable energy production. They have re-established their partnership with habitat for humanity for donation of unwanted but reusable items. To date approximately 3 tons of desks, chairs, and carts have been donated to for resale. 

Blackbaud- Has greatly increased their recycling of confidential materials by ensuring all high traffic areas of their building have collection bins. They have also partnered with a local CSA to provide their employees with online ordering and once weekly pickup. Blackbaud recently launched their employee bike program allowing employees to bike between offices as well as to lunch. 

Century Aluminum- Has an environmental team that meets once a quarter to development new initiatives and communicate those initiatives to their employees. They have implemented an no idling policy. To date their recycling program has prevented 285,000 tons of material from entering the landfill. 

Charleston County Parks and Recreation Commission Headquarters- Is currently in the process of implementing a zero waste strategy. Their headquarters building is an active participate in Eat Local Month. CCPRC has come up with an innovative way to eliminate nuisance carpenter bees without the use of pesticides.  

Charleston County School District Administration- Among other initiatives, they have held 4 awareness campaigns this year. Kick the (trash) Can, Wellness, Commingling awareness, and, Cardboard Composting and Shredding. 

Charleston County School District Operations Division- Has established a bigger and better green team. They have begun requiring all new construction as well as renovations be LEED silver certified. A no idling policy has been implemented and the district now owns 54 propane powered school buses. They have improved their green and local purchasing program and now purchase much of the food used in school lunches from local farms.  

Charleston Water System- Due to their large fleet size, idling of their vehicles is monitored by GPS systems to reduce their carbon footprint. All waste water treatment by-products are now taken to an energy digester to produce electricity which is placed on the electrical grid. 

City of Charleston- Their green team piloted composting for 6 weeks for an entire office floor. Two departments have continued to compost. City staff did an excellent job of saving reusable items when they moved into their new offices at the Gaillard Center. 

Natural Investments/Money with a Mission- One of the GBC's new categories this year was the ability obtain points for planning future investments in your workplace. Natural Investments has done an outstanding job planning and implementing these investments. They have installed solar panels as well as purchased an electric powered car. They currently have a zero waste goal by the end of the year. 

Notso Hostel- As featured above, Notso Hostel has done a great job in implementing sustainable initiatives this year. They now have 6 composting bins for waste from their kitchens. They make their own green cleaners and are currently in the process of switching to vegan products that have a lower carbon footprint.  

South Carolina Electric and Gas- After a corporate employee survey, SCE&G has identified areas that they can improve on. This survey told them that they needed to improve on their employee education and awareness of their recycling programs. SCE&G conducted a waste audit to determine where recycling improvements could be made and distributed more recycling bins to under served areas of their offices. Their survey also made them aware of their employee interest in a CSA. So far 10 employees have signed up for their Spring CSA.