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Set Your Goals
The Green Business Challenge is what each business makes of it. Each business sets their own goals and these goals are met by earning points. 

There are 4 levels of achievement.

Sweetgrass 15-25 points
Palmetto 26-50 points
Magnolia 51-75 points
Live Oak 76-100+ points

10 helpful tips from past participants to achieve your goals
  1. Create a cross departmental green team.  One person being a green team is not sustainable.  Call the GBC for tips.  Invite us to one of your green team meetings.   Set goals – use the GBC handy list of accomplishments found on your USB or this resource link.
  2. Create an employee wellness program.
  3. When you landscape, go native.  You’ll save water and cut down on the need for fertilizers and herbicides.
  4. Get rid of Styrofoam.  You can find a fun and informative poster on the USB or through the resource link.
  5. Consider composting at the office.  It can be as simple as storing the material in a big coffee can.  Find a gardener on staff who wants the black gold.
  6. Remove yourself from junk mailing lists.  Use paper karma or catalog choice to help you opt out.
  7. Create a waste reduction goal and go for it.  Charleston County Environmental Management and SCDHEC will do waste assessments.  
  8. Promote sustainable travel with bike racks, ride sharing or transit reimbursement.
  9. Use environmentally friendly cleaning products.  Also consider making your own. Check the USB or the resource link for recipes. 
  10. Buy repurposed and recycled and local whenever you can.  Check Lowcountry Local First for resources.  Check the GBC site for businesses that are working toward greater sustainability goals.